Social Media Strategy

Danner's Cabinets

Developed a content strategy and maintained the company's presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

"AJBD Metro has made a substantial impact on our social media presence. The traffic increase has made the most difference, in bringing our photos and name to more customers than ever before. Their quick response times and dedication to customer service are truly exceptional."

​Troy Danner

Social Media Strategy

Crosslake Yoga & Pilates

Developed a content strategy and social marketing campaign through Facebook.

"The return on investment is off the charts- Anje and her staff train us how to be self sufficient, and are always there as back up, or to help fix something if we get ourselves into trouble!"

Catharine A. Funk

Social Media Strategy/Website Design

Catapult Into Lovely

Built and maintained the company's website and Facebook pages. Developed the content strategy including product descriptions and imagery.